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Meet Harper Financial: MA’s premier private money lenders
May 17, 2021 at 7:00 AM
At a meeting with one of our private money lenders.

Securing financing for real estate investment isn’t easy. Oftentimes, private money lenders are your best solution. Luckily, however, this works to the advantage of borrowers. At Harper Financial LLC, we’re the premier private money lenders in Massachusetts. Our tailored solutions, attentive service, and affordable rates simply set us apart. We take your unique circumstances into consideration to compile the best loan package for you and your finances.

Here’s everything you need to know about Harper Financial:

Who we are

At Harper Financial, we’re the leading private money lenders in Massachusetts. As Boston’s foremost commercial mortgage provider for investors, our alternative real estate financing solutions are simply unrivaled. Our custom-solution financing is a springboard for your dreams.

We’re attentive private lenders who take the time to truly and thoroughly understand each client’s targets, needs, and inner machinations. By accompanying you every step of the way, we ensure your project will be a success and your wildest dreams will become a reality.

We provide immediate financial relief. Whether you need vacant building financing, bridge financing, a partner buyout, working capital, or a foreclosure workout, we can do it all and more.

What we do

We lend money to real estate investors. However, as private money lenders, we offer a wide array of services and can help you finance nearly any dream or aspiration. No goal is too lofty when we’re in your corner.

Firstly, we finance fix and flips. We help you capitalize on real estate opportunities through rapid financing. In the real estate market, hesitation and deliberation put you behind. Our extensive industry experience has instilled an intrinsic understanding of this urgency.

Unlike traditional loans from banks, we have only two factors that determine loan eligibility:

  1. Property value
  2. Your history of flipping property

Plus, we’re responsive and can supply you with time-sensitive loans in mere days. However, we also offer loans for ground-up constructions or properties that require extensive remodels. With banks, loans for these kinds of properties are significantly harder to obtain.

Our financing for projects is simple, accommodating, and fast. Even better, as your advisors, there’s no situation we haven’t encountered. Our broad experience enables us to overcome any problem and offer quick solutions that keep up with an accelerating market.

Why choose us

Unlike competitors, we get to know each one of our clients. We build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

We take the time to understand what makes each customer tick, as well as their short and long-term goals. This enables us to devise a loan package tailored to you and your specific goals and dreams.

We also guarantee profitable exit strategies. We’re communicative and our service is attentive. We regularly check in with clients to guarantee that the process is going smoothly.

We’re more than private money lenders. We don’t just loan money; we develop partnerships. Our custom-tailored solutions ensure you get the perfect loan for your situation and aspirations. Also, we guarantee a customer experience that reflects our core tenets:

  • Quick work
  • Smart work
  • Safe work
  • Effective work
  • Cost-effective work
  • Accommodating work

These simple guiding principles are the engine of our success. With Harper Financial, your dreams and prosperity have never been so tenable.

Schedule a consultation now!

If you’re interested in investment property, private money lenders are an excellent and viable solution. With Harper Financial LLC, we don’t just lend money. We develop partnerships and offer communicative and attentive service. More importantly, we provide tailored solutions to your unique situation. Schedule a consultation now! Our private money lenders guarantee you’ll be laughing to the bank.