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Cash in Hand: The Help Your Clients Need to Move on After Short Sale

Let’s face it: Short sales stink. They’re scary. They’re difficult. They’re messy. They’re time-consuming. And after months of aggravation, the homeowners are left with nothing.

That’s why we’ve created a new program that not only makes the short sale process easier, it actually helps the now-former homeowners walk away with enough cash to get back on their feet.

Your client will receive $10,000 which is funded by a combination of the mortgagee bank or lender and investor. Your client will receive this amount upon completion of the short sale and after vacating the property.

Ok! Let’s break this down: How do we make the process easier you ask?

Well, our team of short sale specialists includes a short sale negotiator, a dedicated project manager, an investor, a Realtor, an attorney and a seasoned coordinator to ensure that entire process goes quickly and smoothly. We’re all not only trained in short sale and understand the inherent quirks, nuances and roadblocks; we’re all also experts in our respective areas of expertise.

Oh, and there’s something in it for you too —besides the satisfaction of giving your clients a helping hand during what is most definitely a devastating time in their lives.

How’s $2500 sound?

You read that correctly. We’ll give any referring attorney $2500 for every closed short sale.

Now, fellow bankruptcy attorneys, you have a viable solution to offer your clients — one that they and you can feel good about.

Do not delay! Call (508) 559-1619 today or email us here to find out how our Cash in Hand program can help your clients move on minus the fear.