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How Harper Financial Can Help You Obtain the Right Alternative Real Estate Loan

f you are an investor looking to invest in the country’s thriving real estate market, you might opt for a loan from traditional sources, such as banks.

However, things in real estate landscape are not that simple. You might have bad credit or the property you are looking to invest in is in poor state. This is where traditional methods won’t be of help.

We at Harper Financial are a hard money lending firm with an incredible reputation. Over the years, we have not only funded tricky investments, we have also provided a way for these investors to maximize their ROIs.

Here’s how Harper Financial can help you:

We Have On-Board a Team of Experienced Professionals

Harper Financial was founded by a bankruptcy attorney and a commercial lending strategist. This gives us an edge over other firms, as we have expertise in the two most crucial areas of commercial lending.

Our experts ensure that you are choosing the right type of alternative loan. We stay with you throughout the process and ensure that the deal is made successfully.

We Offer Funding for Fix and Flip

With such great potential in the real estate market, fix and flip has been a lucrative option for many people.

Harper Financial can help you latch on to this exciting opportunity. We have established ourselves as a nationwide commercial lender. We can provide financing, loan support and guidance to fix and flip investors across the country.

We Work with Impeccable Attention to Detail

Our team takes time out to talk to you and understand the unique set of circumstances. After we have looked into your financial situation, we provide guidance on what loan type would be best for you.

With rigorous procedures and thorough attention to detail, we ensure that the deal is profitable for all the parties involved,

The Process is Quick

Once we have assessed the details, we ensure that we immediately start processing your loan application.

The quick process also helps in obtaining highly critical properties and properties that have close bids.

We Can Extend the Line of Credit depending on Certain Criteria

Depending on conditions like value of property, interests and down payment paid, and reliability of the investor, we can extend our line of credit.

We at Harper Financial have established ourselves as credible commercial lenders in US. From bridge loans to rehab loans, we can help with a wide variety of real estate loans. Contact us to learn more about what we have to offer.